Terms & Conditions

Property Details

Terms and Conditions relate to the property known as Hollywood Hideaway, hereinafter referred to as ‘HH’. HH is located at:

6 Loxton Street, Dudley Park, Mandurah, WA, 6210.

Access to the Property

Access to the property may be required by maintenance personnel or owner under the following conditions:

  • Emergency of any kind.
  • Maintenance.
  • Concerns about House Rules not being met.

Where possible 24 hours’ notice will be given to the guest.

No unwarranted access for the duration of the guest/s stay will occur and guest privacy will be respected.


Full refund for cancellations up to 30 days before check-in.

If booked fewer than 30 days before check-in, full refund for cancellations made within 48 hours of booking and at least 14 days before check-in.

No refund after that.

Refunds will be returned within 3 days via bank transfer.

CTC reserves the right to cancel the reservation unilaterally under the following conditions

  • Guest does not accept the Terms & Conditions, including house rules.
  • Booking made under false pretences (Spam booking).

During stay, booking can be cancelled under the following conditions:

  • Parties.
  • Unsupervised, loud or aggressive pets.
  • Noise that exceeds normal expected residential levels.
  • Guests exceeding booking numbers.
  • Any other behaviour or action that does not fit within acceptable or expected behaviours or actions by the guest.

Capacity limits


Option No.




Master Suite Only

2 people + infant


Master Suite + Second Bedroom made available

4 people + infant

Check-in and check-out times



Not before 2:00pm on check-in date

No later than 10:00pm on check-in date


Latest 10:00am on check-out date

Anytime before 10:00am on check-out date
(please be mindful of noise)

* Cleaners are scheduled to arrive at 10:15am on check-out date.

* Additional charges may apply if cleaners are not able to start their clean on time due to property not being vacated by 10:00am.


The property is to be left without damage and in a clean and tidy state.

Guests are not expected to do a full clean before departing, however, an extra $60.00 cleaning fee will be charged under the following circumstances:

  • Oven left with greasy residue.
  • Doggy deposits left in yard.
  • Floors excessively dirty.
  • Cleaning required over and above what would normally be expected by a fair person during short stay.

Condition of Property

HH has been fully renovated and is in as new condition. The only exception to this is patio cement at front and side of house. This is in original condition with faded paint and some cracking from roots from trees that have since been removed.

House Rules


  • Pick up doggy deposits from yard and put in outside bin.
  • Absolutely no pets on furniture.
  • Absolutely no pets on beds.
  • Please ensure your dog’s nails are clipped so that wooden floors are not damaged.
  • No pets to be left unattended either inside the house or outside the house.


Due to the Jarrah wood flooring, no shoes, especially high heels, are to be worn in the house at any time.

Quiet Times

Quiet hours are between 8:00pm and 6:00am.

No Smoking

Smoking is not allowed inside the house or outside in the yard of the property.

No Parties or Events

Parties/events are not allowed.


The complete inventory of HH is at Annex A.

Minimum and Maximum Stay Requirements


Option No.

Minimum Stay

Maximum Stay


2 nights

30 days


5 nights

30 days

* Prior booking approval required for all stays.

* Requests for extensions to booking time to be provided in writing and approved in writing by Cottage to Camper at least 2 days prior from existing check-out date.

Prices and fees

Cleaning Fees

$60.00 one off charge per booking.

$60.00 additional cleaning if deeper clean required (e.g. oven greasy residue, muddy floors, doggy deposits left in yard, etc).

Accepted payment methods


Payment Method

Additional Charges

Credit Card

2.2% surcharge


No additional charges

Direct Debit

No additional charges


Peak Pricing

Applies to period 15 December – 15 January


Option No.

Per Night

Per Week (10% discount)

Per Month (20% discount)









Standard Pricing


Option No.

Per Night

Per Week (10% discount)

Per Month (20% discount)










Location of HH is considered very safe, however, we take the safety of our guests and security property very seriously. In light of that, two external security cameras are located at the property.

For guest and property security, guests are expected to ensure security gates are closed at all times, apart from gaining access or departing from the property.

Security screen doors are provided for guest security and it is expected they are locked when not at the property and recommended they are locked whilst in HH.


In an emergency dial 000.

Call owner to advise on 0428 050 259.

Fire extinguisher is located under the key rack on the white cupboard in the kitchen. Please use if fire small enough to extinguish.

For larger emergencies, collect the security gate remote so you can open the security gate and leave the property as quickly as possible.


Annex A